Words Drive the Web

Your website presence may need better balance between word and graphics, in terms of content.

Search engines locate websites by the words in your website content, not graphics. Connecting with your target audience begins with selecting the right keywords. The next step is having well-written website content optimized for search engine ranking. Then your graphics become important.

To place well in search engine ranking and take advantage of organic search, your web content must be original writing. Your web pages need to have constantly refreshed copy; writing that delivers relevant information that meets the search terms that your  your target audience is using.

Good web content sells

The best web marketing content writing is clear, concise and easy to read. It quickly introduces your traffic to the products or services you offer. Your website content must be written in a way that holds your target audience’s attention for more than four seconds.

You want web content that is written in a manner that leads the visitor to making that purchase, or the desired action.

Copy Writing for Organic Search

Pay per click advertising is not as effective as developing good website content with SEO strategies. It’s wiser to invest your marketing budget on well-written, relevant content for every web page on your site. Keeping content fresh encourages return traffic and attracts search engines for higher rankings and search engine placement.

Adding new web content every week with new tips and/or information can help you build an Internet presence attractive to search engines and visible to readers.

Your website design and the words on your web pages have the power to let you harness interest. Web content writing is a crucial part of your website search engine optimization. Good web content and copywriting that will help you draw more traffic, and grow your customer base.

Combining proven web content writing techniques and Internet marketing strategies is your best game plan for doing successful business online. Active Voice can help you with writing services that leverage the power of words. I work closely with clients to build their brand and establish a more effective online presence.

Your website isn’t a brochure, it is a dynamic sales tool. The winners in doing business online long ago realized just how vital high quality, informative web content is to their enterprise. Never sell the value of your web content writing to your SEO strategy short.

Fresh articles and web content that your target audience can  into is every bit as important as your website design. You can build credibility and win the trust of your buying group with well-written web content. Writing that captures their interest is your best Internet marketing tool.

This isn’t your father’s business world. Gaining your target audience through regular blogging about your business, products and services is what all types of consumers use to make purchasing decisions today.

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