No Mow May, Cold Spring, 2022

What were y’all afraid of?

I decided to do No Mow May when I learned about the tough early start that many pollinators face. I wanted to support lawn cultivation that did not demand such unity and monoculture, or that stupid golf course look. I grew up on Long Island, where lawn uniformity and perfection was almost a religious striving, and as a result, I rebel against it.

Leaving lawns and gardens to wake up slowly in the spring supports healthy pollinator growth. Don’t rake the leaves out of the gardens (or if you do, mulch them); leave lawns to grow through May and April, and definitely, don’t use pesticides.

What if community spirit meant something else— like something environmental and global, something good for the whole earth. What if it meant that people in cities or towns or farms or countries on the other side of the globe from us could be a part of this?

What if we tried to make life easier for the pollinators? Would it hurt us that much?

Let’s stop fighting what is good for the earth. It’s our common home.

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