Things Curly Girls Learn Way Too Late

There’s no poorer idea than blowing your hair out straight in warmer or more humid weather. It will only make you crazy.

Hair products today are such that if you shampoo, condition, and treat curly hair when it’s wet, it can dry beautifully au naturel, especially with the help of some large bobby pins at critical positions in crown.

Don’t touch your naturally drying curls with anything other than your fingers, in gentle shaping, If you must use an implement, use a pick to gently shape them.

You can dry your hair, using an infuser, turning your hair upside down and in elevating the crown.

Never use a brush or comb. EVER!

To get mileage out of your curls, put your hair up in the pineapple bun on top of your head when you sleep, and use a satin pillow case.

If you need to refresh and renew your curls/hair, nothing works better than water.

Don’t put product on top of product on top of product.

We will always pay more for a new curly hair product, just to try it out.

Curly girls rock.

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