Learning to Fly

People embracing at Grand Central Station. Tiny, frail elderly people being helped into a chemotherapy appointment. A woman on the Metro-North train, sobbing into a scarf as the train pulls out of a station. A hopeful 40-something applying eye make-up for the first time in six years in preparation for a date. A dog meeting a new would-be owner, tail wagging and turned on its back to plead submission. Spring light in a park after a long dark winter as pale people in dark clothing venture out.

There are moments that tug at the heart, and those that can turn the heart to stone. I’ve seen a lot of those moments, filed them away, and promised I would revisit them. I’ve read sentence or passages in books that almost stop the heart with their accuracy. There has to be a place for all these moments; these memories that show us that life has both sharp corners and people or moments to buffer them.

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